It is a regular experience for some or a lifelong desire to visit and for the lucky it is a natural beauty that is walking distance from their doorstep.  Where are the waterfalls in Northern Ireland?

If you have been to visit one of the many waterfalls in Northern Ireland you will know that all 5 senses are stimulated when you arrive, when beside, under or above a waterfall.  Belfast Waterfalls, near the city and those located across the counties you are spoilt for choice.

crumlin waterfall
Crumlin waterfall ©DannyMcMahonPhotography

The sound is heard on approach and the anticipation is often surpassed by the beauty and the soft spray tickle on the face, it is truly incomparable.  Glenariff waterfall in Co Antrim is one of the most captivating, set in the Glens of Antrim on the Causeway Coastal Route and is a must-see place in Northern Ireland, especially when it rains.  If you have ever wondered what there is to do in the rain with the kids, then a visit to a waterfall with wellie boots and cosy hats is the thing to do.

Glenariffe waterfall
Glenariffe waterfall ©DannyMcMahonPhotography

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all bring a different waterfall smell, yes smell, the fauna around takes on new smells as the seasons develop.  The best time to visit a waterfall is any time of the year, plan it into your visit using the OUTDOOR selection in the ALL CATEGORIES drop down selector on Experience Northern Ireland and add to your itinerary.

As you plan your #Staycation2020 think about how you can add a visit to a waterfall into your plans.  Here is your step by step guide to planning a trip and enjoying the best waterfalls in Northern Ireland:

  1. Go to
  2. Click into Explore & Plan
  3. In the All Categories drop down selector, choose Outdoor
  4. Here you can add any waterfall location to your itinerary
  5. Now have a look at where to stay, eat and other things to see and do

If you are already on your road trip in Northern Ireland, then open the free App and look for the outdoor category to see the nearest waterfall to your location.  For example, if you are in Newcastle Co Down on the Mourne Coastal Route, Tullymore Forest Park & Waterfall will be pinned to visit on your App.

Why you should visit a waterfall can be recommended by any local but if this recommendation isn’t enough then listen to the research.  It suggests waterfalls and its motion have a relaxing effect an promote improved metal health.  You will naturally be located in places with clean air and if in a forest location you will enjoy maximum oxygen levels.  Your respiration system will love you.

It’s time to find out for yourself

Images kindly provided by Danny McMahon Photography

Glenoe Waterfall
Glenoe Waterfall ©DannyMcMahonPhotography
Glenariffe waterfall
Glenariffe waterfall ©DannyMcMahonPhotography
Dunseverick Waterfall
Dunseverick Waterfall ©DannyMcMahonPhotography