Plan a trip to Northern Ireland
Plan a trip to Northern Ireland

Any holiday time is pleasure seeking but what about the planning time taken to prepare to experience it, can that be an experience in itself?  Holidays of any kind are great for everyone but figuring out how to holiday can be just as rewarding, especially to those of us who love a list and an itinerary of sorts!

A journey planner for Northern Ireland is most certainly the answer, plan where to stay, where to eat, what to do and see.

Did you know that a Staycation can be less stressful, more in tune with your budget and extremely memorable (especially for children).

Life can truly get out of control, money and holiday time can be in short supply so a Staycation in Northern Ireland might be the best option to actually unwind and reset.  Release the ‘mindfull’ into mindfulness, there is quite the difference and the options to Staycation can be organised into short multiple trips in the year to maximise this pleasure seeking.  Why not start with the easiest breakdown of planning a Staycation, breakdown into 4 short trips in Northern Ireland in the year, one for each season, Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer.

Taking a Staycation at home isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t go about it intentionally. It is easy to let a few days off at home get away from you, if you don’t plan ahead, so adding a little structure and considering a few Staycation ideas can help your valuable time away from your day to day cycle of responsibilities feel rejuvenating, relaxing, and leave you ready to head back to your routine, whatever that might be.

Planning a Staycation in Northern Ireland can equally be easy or difficult, why I hear you as?  It is simple, there is so much choice and all of it reachable, even if you decide to base yourself and stay overnight in one place.

Breaking down the aspects you want to experience during your Staycation is the only way to do it and using the Category Selection tool on the Experience Northern Ireland App or Website is the first place to start planning.  Here is one idea to involve everyone, if you are a family of four, pick one item that is important to each person and plan this in over 4 days, making a list and adding them to your Experience Northern Ireland itinerary planner.

Experience Northern Ireland is a user led online itinerary planning tool that puts the holidaymaker in charge, planning as much or a little as you want, adding multiple days,  with the option to print out pre-planned itineraries or use the App on the go.  Where will you go?

Use Experience Northern Ireland for free on any device via the website or App